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Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall


Bulk Pickup is the first Friday of the month.  Please try to have your bulk out front for your home no earlier than Wednesday before. 

Concrete Wall

AT&T Fiber Project and Installation

AT&T has informed the community that on Monday, January 8, 2024, they will begin working in our area installing high speed fiber in the community.  What this means is that they be will using the utility easements to install these fiber lines.   

We have been advised that they will be going section by section, and your yard may be affected for no more than one week.  They will begin the digging and installation, and should be completing that by the Friday of that week.   The entirety of the project is estimated to take three months.

We have been advised that if new sod is laid in your yard, please water that sod every day.  Should you experience any damage, please take a photo and contact the number indicated on the door hanger and letter below.

Should you have extensive damage or something egregious occurs during this process, please reach out the HOA and Miami Management so we can elevate the issue.  

Hopefully this will be a smooth process with very few complications. 

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