The HOA of Waverly Hundred is constantly working to make your neighborhood a better place to live.  Sometimes that requires us to interact with the Town of Davie, or Southwest Ranches to make sure your needs are taken care of.  Please see some of what is happening in our area and neighborhood below.

Please read on for updates and Information


The Town of Davie has changed Waste Management Companies, and the pickup days for garbage remains Monday and Thursday.  The Town is also trying to determine how to operate their recycling program.  For now, all recycling is not being processed but they are picking up any items you place in the recycling bin.  Please see the Town's website here for more information. 



You may have noticed some changes at the entrances to Waverly Hundred.  We have begun the process of updating our landscaping.  This has entailed removing many trees that were dead or dying, as well as removing bushes and flowers that were not thriving.  We are in the process of treating certain areas with fertilizers and other methods to get the ground ready for new plants and flowers.  

The next planting project will be the center island at the Stirling Entrance.  After the Stirling Entrance is done, we will begin planting and improvement of the Dykes entrance.  Please join us on the Monthly Zoom call for updates or if you have any suggestions about flowers or plants you would like to see added.  

Bulk pickup day for Waverly Hundred Residents is the FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH.

2022 Pick-Up Dates:

January 7th                 July 1st 

February 4th              August 5th

March 4th                  September 2nd

April 1st                      October 7th 

May 6th                     November 4th 

June 3rd                     December 2nd